Everyday errands. Household chores. Driver by the hour. Care for family & seniors. And whatever kind of help you need… right away… or anytime.

ZINKN launched in August 2018, and is signing up People Share Providers now. Don’t miss your opportunity to make more money while helping people in your neighborhood. Work when you want and get paid fast.

And if you need trusted help with life’s last minute to-do’s, download the ZINKN app, join free and set up your account. Then simply order help through the app whenever you need it. You’ll see available People Share Providers near you. Select one and watch them real-time as they arrive.

Get the customer app on the iOS App Store or on Google Play.

To apply to become a People Share Provider, register here: https://app.zinkn.com/register. Then download the Provider App on the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.



ZINKN on demand personal services app

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