Receive trusted senior care with the press of a single button, all thanks to a new type of care called people sharing.

What is People Sharing?

People sharing is a new, affordable way to get senior care. It connects you directly to pre-screened members of the senior healthcare community. They meet seniors in their own homes to provide affordable, effective care. It’s like ride-sharing, but with people, hence people sharing. ZINKN is pioneering this strategy to bring you safe and simple care in an instant.

Welcome to a People Sharing Economy

We believe the next big industry will be helping neighbors and others with daily activities. Zinkn providers can help users around the house, run errands, do chores, transport to and from an appointment or just be a friend.

Getting care with Zinkn

In the same way a ride-sharing app brings you a ride on-demand, a people-sharing app brings you a vetted senior care professional to assist on-demand. ZINKN is spearheading this model to provide safe senior care from the comfort of home.

ZINKN providers are pre-screened professionals trained and trusted to assist seniors. They can help around the house, run errands, do chores, or just be a friend. Above all, their mission is to bring warmth and kindness with every act of service.

People Sharing is the path to a kinder future, where families can rest assured that a cherished elder has safe, nurturing care and companionship whenever they need it. ZINKN strives for this caring future.

Zinkn Always Provides

With the power of people sharing, a professional ZINKN provider is always a single tap away. No task is too big or too small, whether it be personal care, errands, transportation, or anything in between. Just press the button for nurturing one-click care. Thanks to ZINKN, senior assistance is at your fingertips.

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