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Just like on-demand ride sharing for transportation, now you can get trusted help fast with life's unexpected personal to-do's and everyday errands... when and where you need it, from trusted people right in your neighborhood.

What kind of work,
you ask?

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From everyday errands and household chores to transportation, care for family and seniors and life's last-minute unexpected tasks... if you need a little extra help with your to-do list, you should be 'Thinkin' ZINKN.'

Are you interested in becoming a People Share Provider? Don't miss your opportunity to earn extra money while helping people in your neighborhood.

What is ZINKN?

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We all have 24 hours in our day, but how often does that feel like enough? When your to-do list is overflowing with meetings, errands, and appointments, you can find yourself wishing you had just one more hour, or an extra pair of hands to help.

How Zinkn Works

ZINKN Can Help

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We’re here to give you an extra hour or more in your day. We’re your second pair of hands to drive, run errands and more.

ZINKN is your all-in-one stop to find the help you need, quickly and easily. Our providers offer a multitude of services to help you check a few items off your to-do list and save you a few precious hours.

From grocery shopping to spring cleaning, you can find the help you need, with the quality you deserve, all in one spot. No more juggling multiple people and businesses trying to find the right services for you.

Why Choose ZINKN?

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With ZINKN, you can rest assured that a competent professional is on the way to help you when and where you need it – on-demand or in the future.


Safety is our top concern. All our providers are pre-screened and undergo background checks, driving record validation and a vehicle safety inspection.


Life happens. Schedules change. When you need an extra pair of hands for those totally last-minute things that come up, ZINKN is here to help.


Request provider

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Requesting services through ZINKN is simple, and easy to manage, no matter how busy you are. We streamline the act of requesting labor, similar to other types of sharing apps, making it intuitive and easy to request help. All it takes is downloading the app through the App Store or Google Play, and from there, it’s as easy as punching in your address with an allotted time, and you’re on demand assistance is on the way.


Meet your provider

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Upon making a request, you’ll be matched with one of our nearby providers in your area, and you’ll be able to learn about your provider once the match goes through. Once you’re paired with instructions for your errand set, the timer will start. You’ll only pay for the time you need, and if you need more, no problem! It’s all about convenience for your sake.


Get help with your family needs

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Requesting labor has never been easier! Whether you’re stuck in the office, or on the go, ZINKN providers will take care of the leg work, while you take care of what really matters. Requests are made easy through the app, payments are simply seamless, and your errands are done quickly. If you need an instant personal assistant, errands done right away, or on demand rides for your children or elderly relatives, it’s never been easier, and it’s never been more affordable.

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Always Reliable

With a simple click, a ZINKN provider is dispatched and you can track their progress on the map.

There When You Need It

Whether you need help right away or in the future, ZINKN is there with 24/7 availability.

Immaculate Communication

Your task requests are logged in the app for seamless communication with your provider.

Amazing Experience

All ZINKN providers are screened to ensure a great customer experience every time.

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Get Zinkn today

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Want to make
extra cash?

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Become a Provider

ZINKN just doesn’t benefit its users. Our contractors come from all walks of life and find fulfillment and joy in the freedom working with ZINKN can give. Whether you’re looking for some extra spending money, or supplementing your income while working on your dream, ZINKN gives you the freedom to create the schedule that works for you. You can easily choose part-time, or full-time with the ability to change from week to week.

You are the master of your schedule with ZINKN. Work as little or as much as you like. Specify your profile to fit your unique skill sets. Unlike other contractor sites, you won’t be limited to just one form of work. You can help pick the ripest tomato from the bunch on Monday and save the day for a senior. With ZINKN, you have the excitement of knowing no two days will be the same, doing work as unique and multifaceted as you.

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